Rock Away Your Back Pain in Outdoor Rocking Chairs

There is a good reason why we all love rocking chairs. We enjoy them from the time our mother is nursing us while rocking slowly in one, to the time when we retire and spend peaceful hours reading or napping in our favorite outdoor rocking chairs. There is something especially soothing in the rhythmic motion of a rocking chair, while being gently supported by chair’s high back and wide, comfortable side arms.

Rocking chairs can be found in any part of our home, from the nursery and bedroom to our porches, terraces and decks. They are perfectly suitable for our modern outdoor rooms, as well as in our secluded favorite corner of the garden.

Outdoor rocking chairs have always been part of American history. We visualize typical American small town with grandparents shooting the breeze and watching world pass by in their favorite rocking chairs on the front porch. In fact, for a long time, rocking chairs were seen as something suitable for old people only. It is a fact that older people are particularly fond of relaxing soothing motion of rocking chairs. It seems that the gravity-free feel of rocking motion does something great to the aching back or sciatica pain.


Best selling International Caravan rocking chairs made from wrought iron.

Rocking chairs are also great for company. You can have two or three single rocking chairs placed together on your terrace or around your fire pit. You can also have a couple of double seaters, suitable for two or even three people. After all, there is nothing as much fun as snuggling with a bunch of your grandchildren and reading them their favorite books.

Outdoor rocking chairs are known for building memories of the family, so it is important that they last a long time. Good quality material is crucial. You can choose between high quality wood, such as teak, cypress or red cedar, and new synthetic lumber called polywood, which is made of recycled plastic. Both choices have their pros and cons, but, most importantly, both weather-resistant wood and recycled plastic are hardy, weather-proof and easy to maintain.

Rocking chairs have to be not only very comfortable but good looking too. After all, they are part of our outdoor room design and tell the story about our taste and sense of style. Good design and attractive color can make your rocking chairs a focal point of your outdoor seating arrangement.


Shown POLYWOOD rockers on beachside porch. White resin color.

Many people like their wooden rocking chairs to be natural, unstained or stained, but there is something fun about vividly colored rockers. Recycled plastic comes in a huge range of colors, and because the synthetic lumber is painted while it is still in its resin form, the color is completely resistant to fading. Depending on your taste, you can choose traditional soft pastel colors, or go wild with magenta and sunset red. If you are afraid of committing to a strong color, why not get an outdoor rocking chair in some neutral color, such as green or gray, and introduce color with plush, soft cushions and pillows. They would make your rocking chairs a veritable oasis of comfort and luxury.