Three Person Swings For A Comfortable Porch

Porch without a porch swing is like a garden without flowers. We loved swings as kids, snuggling in them and pretending we were on a pirate ship. We love them after a hard day’s work, to have a cool drink in, or a short nap to recharge our batteries. And we particularly love our porch swings when we get old, to rest our old bones, and to watch the world go by.

In the old times, all porch swings were more or less the same. We have so many choices now: different materials, sizes, shapes and colors, something for everyone. And we all have our own idea how a perfect porch swing should look like. A good porch swing is not cheap, but getting a strong, beautiful swing means that you will have it for a long time, and it might even become a family heirloom.

Big or small, a perfect swing for your porch
The size of your porch swing depends mostly on the size of your porch. Large porches look best with generous-sized 5 or 6 foot swing, or even a swing bed. Swing beds are usually about six feet long, and fitted with a bunch of plush cushion. They are perfect for a lazy afternoon nap, or to snuggle in with your loved one. Small porch swings are better for small porches, or if you live alone, but get at least two, for when the company comes.


5 Foot Swing Shown

Luxcraft has a complete line of pressure treatd swings ilke the one shown. The chains are included.

Solid material for a strong porch swing
If your porch is covered, almost any material for your swing is good. If you can afford it, get a cedar or teak swing. Their times beauty will give your porch a luxurious look, and they will last for ever. Pine swings are popular and affordable, and wicker and wrought iron swings are perfect for those who like more ornate look. Swings made of plastic lumber, plastic made of recycled milk or juice jugs, are very durable, attractive and affordable.

Add a touch of color to your porch
Porch swings made of hard woods are normally left unpainted, but swings made of treated pine are usually painted to fit the color of your house, or to add a touch of color to your porch. Don’t be shy, paint your porch swing bright, it will make your porch shine.


That's one good looking swing! We are excited that Nostaglic will be introducing several new swings in 2014. Everyone loves swing that hangs from ropes.


Stay on the ground with porch gliders
Porch gliders are perfect if your porch cannot support porch swing that is hanging. Gliders also have a nice, smooth motion, sometimes more pleasant for older people. They are very versatile, and like porch swigs, come in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes.


Whether you put a porch swing or a porch glider on your porch, they will make the porch your favorite spot for hanging out with a book, a cold drink, or just a short break. Choose a swing that will last, that is easy to maintain and that is attractive addition to your home. On your front porch, it will be the big part of your curb appeal. Beautiful three person old porch swings are often passed on from generation from generation, not only because they are such a wonderful piece of furniture, but also because of all the memories linked to them.