There is no perfect backyard without a perfect swing

Modern lifestyle is splitting families apart. Nobody has the time to sit around the table and have a meal together, chat about their day and laugh about kids’ antics. But, these times we spend together are the times when we forget about the stress and pressure of our work, mean bosses and difficult colleagues. Besides our family dining table, there is another piece of furniture that has a history of bonding family members and taking stress away: our dear old porch swing.

Swing are for growing up in

Most of us link our childhood memories to the times we spent in the porch swing, with grandparents, with mother or father, with best friends, neighbors or that special boy or girl. We do not remember how our swing looked like, whether it was made of oak or pine, was white or black. What we do remember is how relaxed it made us feel to spend some time swinging away slowly. We remember quiet naps in the swing and the smell of roses from the porch trellis. If anyone asked us today to describe our childhood swing, we would describe it as perfect.

It is natural that swings became an important part of our life as we grew up. After all, some of our best times as kids were spent in our porch swings. As we grew up, we found a special spot for that perfect swing in our own home. For some of us it is a front porch, where the swing is hanging on strong chains from the ceiling support. For others, the swing has its own stand and is hanging in the garden, under our favorite old linden, in the shade of its strong boughs. Whether we have a small porch or a large luxurious garden, our swing continues to play the same role it played in our childhood: it gives us those precious moments with the people we love, moments of total peace and relaxation.In search of a perfect swing

As we grow up, we become more aware that not all swings are the same, and start searching for that perfect swing that we will build our new memories in. What is a perfect swing for one person might not be perfect for another. We are all different, and our own perfect swing will reflect our personality and fulfill our own special needs. But, there are some tips that can help us in our search for a perfect swing.

1. Choose the right manufacturer. Manufacturer with many years of good reputation, the one that cares about the quality of materials and craftsmanship is the one you should look for.

2. Brand name matters. There is a good reason why some brand names endured for decades, even centuries. When it comes to perfect swings, brand names such as Great American Woodies Porch Swings, International Caravan or A&L Furniture swings inspire confidence because they became household names in the world of swings. They built the reputation for excellent customer service, innovative production methods, superior quality control and constantly great consumer reviews.

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3. Choose the right material. Your swing should last you a long time, so it should be made of high quality weather resistant material. The material for your swing is also a matter of taste; after all, it will be your favorite piece of furniture for many years to come. Wood was always popular material for porch swings. It is traditional to see wooden swings on porches and patios, whether they are made of cheap pine, durable oak, whether resistant cypress or exotic teak. But, the choice of materials for your favorite porch swing does not end in wood. You can find beautiful swings made of wrought iron, resin wicker or recycled plastic. 

4. Right style will reflect your personality. Besides being incredibly comfortable, your porch swing also has to be the reflection of your personal style and taste. You can choose a simple, straight lined swing with thin or wide laths, a luxurious model with curved back or seat  a swing with inserts  for cups or glasses, with heart cutouts, made of logs or sanded to perfection. You can choose high back or wide armrests, fan back or Adirondack style. You can go for four or six food wide swing. You can choose any color of the rainbow or no color at all. You might even want to add a cushion or two. Whatever you choose is fine, as long as it makes you happy.



5. Choose strength and durability. Your porch swing will be only as comfortable as it is safe and reliable. It means choosing a strong material for the swing, and even stronger for the supporting elements, chains, ceiling beams or independent swing stand. The material has to be weather resistant and insect resistant and easy to maintain. You will pay more for extremely durable materials such as teak or polywood, but the swing made of these material last a lifetime. One good sign that your swing is made to last is  the length of guarantee the manufacturer will offer. Make sure that you get instructions about how to care for your porch swing so that you get many years of care-free pleasure out of it.



6. Your choice of swing material will reflect your attitude towards the environmental protection. Caring for the environment means choosing sustainable material from responsibly harvested forests. Avoid exotic woods such as teak that come from clear-cutting tropical forests. Choosing swings made of recycled plastic is even more environmentally responsible choice. Your swing made of polywood does not require any trees to be cut, and reduce the amount of plastic waste in our landfills. If your porch swing is painted, make sure that the paint is non-toxic, for the sake of the health of your family and your planet.


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7. Find the right price. While we all try to find a good deal when buying such an important and long-lasting item as our porch swing, cheap does not always mean good deal. High quality materials cost more, but last much longer. Your pine swing might be really affordable, but you will have to replace it in a few years. Cedar swing is more expensive, but will last you a lifetime. For the best possible price for a really good porch swing, wait for end of season sales or clearance sales. These tips are just a rough guideline for finding the best porch swing for your porch or outdoor room. You might have to make choices depending on your location – if you do not have a porch, you will have to get a swing with its own stand. If your porch is small, you will have to get a small swing or a glider. If your free standing swing has to be placed in the middle of your lawn or garden, you might opt for a swing stand with a pergola or arbor. At the end, with all the choices you have, the only way to find a perfect swing is to follow your heart, and a bit of common sense. Just keep in mind that you are not only buying a piece of comfortable furniture for your porch, you are also buying a spot in which you will create memories.