Resin Swing Looks Just Like The Real Thing

So the battle will continue forever on what is the more traditional hanging swing - is it the painted white wooden swing or the wicker one? We will leave that up to the historians, but we would like to introduce this exciting material option to you. Everyone loves the look and feel of wicker, but the knock on it in the past is that it wouldn't hold up outdoors. First it had to be under a covered patio or porch and then when not enjoying it you had to run and grab the swing cover to keep it covered. Now what fun is that if you are more worried about maintaining your swing than enjoying it. The manufacturers saw the complaint log growing from customer's purchasing expensive swings and they would only last one patio season. So you had unhappy customers and manufacturers tired of hearing customers complain. This ultimately lead to the introduction of resin wicker. You might also hear others call it outdoor wicker or all-weather wicker. We are all talking about the same thing!

Resin Swing Shown In White

International Caravan Diamonds Collection Swing Shown In White (Model #3183). Matching custom fit cushion also available.

So here are the top 5 things you should know about a resin swing

1) All weather wicker swings are made from a polyethlene fiber that is woven into the hundreds of available designs.
2) The resin fibers can be any color giving designers and manufacturers ultimate flexibility in introducing new colors to the market.
3) Good quality outdoor wicker will not crack, fade, or peel due to the active UV inhibitors in the material.
4) Resin porch furniture is truly intended for outdoor use and doesn't require cover.
5) When shopping for your new swing, be sure to ask what the frame is made of. Resin is durable but steel has a tendency to rust. What good is it if your resin looks great after 5 years if the frame is rusting. We recommended either strong aluminum frames or steel frames are alright as long as they are probably powder coated and rated for wet outdoors environment.