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How a Tree Swing Will Bring You Back to Nature

  1. Don’t Let Life Pass You By Our society today is advancing so quickly that the new inventions almost don’t seem that they could truly be real. A robot that moves, talks, responds and even takes family photos on its own!? A pair of glasses that is also your camera and phone!? It is exciting how technologically advanced our nation is, but this can also be a negative thing for our society. The social sites that are the driving force of our media today are rather addicting. Once you start putting yourself out there you feel a need to stay connected and keep up with the popular world around you. The problem is that we are putting tablets and computer screens between us and the ones we love. And, quite often we are connecting to the internet before ever thinking about stepping outside. We can’t forget the things that we actually can’t live without. If we lose internet connection, we in fact will not die. If there were no more trees in the world, we would in fact die. All the children who lived in the 80s and earlier didn’t need handheld electronic devices and computers to be happy. Just being able to play outside gave us the opportunity for the best day ever. We need to start doing things that get us back to nature. Get outside! Breathe in the fresh air, hear the birds, see the world around you with your incredible eyes. It looks a lot better through your eyes than it does through the lens of someone else’s camera, I promise. A tree swing is one of the easiest additions to your yard that will help bring you back to nature.

  2. Timeless Classic There is a reason tree swings have been around forever. There is something perfectly simple about a tree swing. The earth will always have trees, which is why tree swings will never be a thing of the past. Swings that are gently hung on trees make the trees that are essential to us but sadly often invisible to us, something we use and appreciate-a piece of furniture really. A tree swing in a yard adds a woodsy charm to any home lucky enough to have one. It’s the perfect spot for kids to play, take turns pushing each other, read a book, or just get some quiet time alone. Remember on Chitty Chitty Bang Bang when they show Truly Scrumptious at her house on her tree swing? They put that scene of her singing and swinging on her swing to show that although she was a gorgeous lady, and although she seemed uptight, she really was fun and enjoyed being outside. This is the part in the movie when viewers started really liking her. All because we know someone who still swings on a swing is a down to earth, fun person. Tree Swings are not just for kids, they are for glamorous adults like Truly as well. Everyone enjoys sitting outside and swinging gently in the fresh air.

  3. Young at Heart One of the great mysteries about humans is how the young human beings are like little balls of energy, whereas the older version seem to have much, much less of it. It couldn’t just be that grown ups don’t have time for naps. Whether kids have had enough sleep or not, one thing they never have trouble doing is finding the FUN in all situations. You don’t have to show a child what makes a tree swing fun. You probably won’t even have to show them how it works…unless you don’t want them standing on it. Kids will hop right on, pretend they are in a battle ship, riding a pony, flying and much more…it is amazing where their imaginations take them. Unfortunately, most adult humans have too much on their mind. They are too uptight and stressed out to let loose and have fun. They might tell themselves they don’t have time for childish things. That’s often the problem with the older humans. They don’t let themselves have fun enough. Try it out for yourself, get one of our tree swings, tie it to that gorgeous tree in your yard that has been there since you first bought the house and hop on! I bet you will spend more time outside, learn how to let go and relax when you need it most, and you might just be happier and smiling more too!

    We have over three brands of tree swings in over ten styles. Even some that can be engraved with your family name, a special date, a verse or a quote. Check out our collection today and make your yard way more fun with hardly any effort at all!

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