LuxCraft Recycled Plastic Swings

With modern technology and what we now know about how to better protect our environment…It is no wonder that Recycled Plastic Swings are so popular today. Yes, wood is beautiful, but we have to think of our rainforests. And, in addition to not wanting to cut down gorgeous, healthy trees, we also need to think about all that plastic we throw away daily. Where can it all go? Luxcraft takes steps in the right direction to solve both of those problems. Their plastic swings use some of that gigantic pile of plastic Americans throw away each year and they don’t require any trees to be cut down.

How are they made?

It may not seem possible that Luxcraft’s affordable, durable, maintenance-free swings are really made of plastic-they don’t look or feel it…but they are! These beautiful, recycled plastic swings are made out of the same material as water bottles and gallon container of milks you recently recycled. Before the material is complete, the color is added and it is cleaned using a long, process that brings it to at least a 99% purity level. Since the color is added so early, these recycled plastic pieces never need to be painted. The color goes all the way through every piece, which mean NO chipping or peeling of the color you fell in love with.

Do they hold up?

So you now know how it is made, but is it really as good as wood, metal or whicker? Well, that partly depends on your taste, but as far as durability…Luxcraft’s poly swings built with stainless steel hardware, are quite possibly the most durable type of swing we sell at This incredible poly material is maintenance free! You could take a slice out of the swing and still not take the color off! The color goes all the way through each piece. No chipping or peeling of the paint-ever! This amazing material is termite, mildew and bacteria resistant; it will not crack, splinter, warp or rot. Plus it is treated with a UV stabilizer to make it fade proof! The natural elements will not weather these lovely Luxcraft creations, and all those reasons are why every single LuxCraft recycled plastic swing we sell on, comes with a lifetime warrantee.

What are the options?

Luxcraft alone, offers four different styles of the recycled plastic porch swings that they make: Classic, Rollback, Adirondack, and Highback. And in addition to the different styles, they offer these swings in two different sizes: 4 feet long and 5 feet long so that hopefully one of these swings will fit perfectly in your porch, garden, or patio. Although their style and size selection is great, the most exciting part is how many different colors they offer! With over 24 color options to choose from Luxcraft will make you a swing that is so individualized, so YOU, you might not want to share!

A colorful Luxcraft swing might just be the best addition to your porch you could ever make! What else can you think of that is gorgeous, a fashion statement and something that you will use and enjoy every day?

Now that you know so much about our Luxcraft outdoor furniture, go check them out and see for yourself what all the rave is about!