Porch Swing Comfort Items

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One of the most important things for you to consider when choosing your porch swing is comfort. Here at ThePorchSwingComapny.com, we want your swing to be your favorite spot to sit and relax. Just imagine…looking at the stars at night while sipping on a warm cup of tea…or reading a book on a sunny day while drinking an ice cold lemonade. Your brand new porch swing is the perfect spot for those priceless, peaceful moments. Below are some things you can add to your porch swings to make it even more comfortable…so you can feel like you are floating on a cloud.


When customizing your porch swing for the highest level of comfort, the first place to start is with porch swing cushions. At ThePorchSwingComapny.com, we make it easy to find the perfect cushions for your swing. We sell affordable, durable cushions that can pad the bottom of your swing and some that even provide cushioning on the back and sides. We have many venders that make cushions for the various different swing shapes and sizes. Not only do our cushion suppliers provide you with the exact measurements, but so do the manufacturers that make our swings. If you have any questions on cushion or swing sizes, visit our help page to chat with us online, send us an email or give us a call.

Porch Swing pillows are great because they can easily be moved around to give you the personalized comfort you need. You can prop the pillow to allow you to recline, help you sit up straight, or even lay back and take a nap. Not only will pillows provide you with comfort, but they will offer that pop of color that accessorize your swing and make it uniquely your own. At ThePorchSwingCompany.com we have many venders that hand sew beautiful, modern, durable pillows in many different colors, styles and patterns. Our pillows are made to handle the outdoor elements and test of weather, wear and time. You will not be disappointed with your porch swing accessories.

Comfort Springs and Hanging Hooks
Some porch swings do not come with all of the accessories you need to hang it. Make sure you have the porch-hanging parts you need. At ThePorchSwingCompany.com, we make adding the highest quality hanging accessories to your order easy-just select what you want to the bottom right of the swing you are ordering. Our Comfort Springs and Hanging Hooks will give you the ultimate floating-on-air experience. You won’t even feel the hanging accessories doing their job. They will swivel and move with undeniable ease. The difference between the basic chain and comfort springs and hooks is pretty incredible. An affordable upgrade in luxury that is hard to pass up!

Whether you decide to add cushions, pillows or both to your swing, we believe you won’t be disappointed that you made the investment to make your swing even better. Here at ThePorchSwingCompany.com, our customers have told us that in addition to getting many compliments and friends who now “need” a swing on their porch…they spend more time on their porch swings when they have these added comforts.

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