Painted Porch Swings

One of the most beautiful additions you could ever make to your porch, patio or garden might be something you never even considered. And, not only will this addition add style to your home, but it will add comfort. With this special addition that has been popular for many decades, you will find yourself enjoying the outdoors to relax or spend time with your loved ones much more than you did before. Our company name is a good clue…so I am sure you have guessed what addition I am talking about…

Yep, a Swing! Whether you want a swing bed, swing with cup holders, swing chair, swing for a porch, swing with a stand, or even just a tree swing for your children or grandchildren…
You have hundreds of brand, style, material and finish options.
That’s why we made this Buying Guide for our customers. We want to make this process as easy and enjoyable as possible for you.
One of the many types of swings we offer are Painted Porch Swings.
Below are some things we think you should know about the Painted Swings we sell at

Things You Should Know About Our Painted Porch Swings

  1. 1. Selection We offer the following colors of painted swings: black, blue, brown, green, red, white, stained, yellow, pink, gray, cream and orange. And, we don’t just offer those 12 colors! We offer many different shades of those colors. We have confidence you will find the perfect color for you if you choose a Painted Porch Swing from In addition to many different colors, we offer over 10 brands, over 20 styles, and 5 different size options all just in our category of Painted Porch Swings. If you like having options to personalize your purchase to your individual style….a painted swing might just be the perfect type of swing for you.

  2. 2. Location Before you choose a swing, especially a painted swing, make sure you think about the location where your new swing will go. You want to ensure that the color swing you choose looks exactly how you want where you are going to put it. One thing we suggest here at, is taking a photo of where you plan on putting your swing, and then looking at the photo next to your computer screen displaying the swing you want to buy. That will help you envision your swing in that spot. For instance… the bright yellow painted swing on our site, might be gorgeous to you, but that doesn’t mean you will love it in that spot. Think of what other items you like to have at or near that spot…will the color you are choosing clash? Or will it accent your existing décor, plants, paint etc?

  3. 3. Accessories Another important thing to consider before choosing your swing is what accessories you might use with it. Do you have outdoor cushions or pillows that you plan on putting on your swing? Or do you have some you are interested in purchasing? Make sure you like how the colors, patterns and styles look together. You may like the look of a brightly colored painted swing with solid or striped pillows, or a white painted swing with bright colored or even patterned cushions and pillows. Either way, make sure you consider the accessories you might be adding to your swing.

    Here at, we want you to be happy with your swing for many years to come. Consider the above tips as you click the link below to browse through our wide selection of Painted Porch Swings.