Yellow or red 5 food poly glider is not something you will see in a retirement home or on your grandparents’ porch. For a long time gliders had this reputation for being something old people like and were designed accordingly. Well, things have changed. We are now free to admit that smooth gliding motion of gliders is very soothing and comfortable. In consequence, modern gliders are designed to look almost futuristic, or at least very contemporary and ergonomic. The best gliders have rounded back and seat and wider armrests to provide ultimate comfort and relaxation. Modern 5 foot poly gliders not only allow gliding in company of your loved ones, but show your environmental awareness: poly or polywood is synthetic lumber made from recycled plastic containers. The material is extremely durable and weather-resistant and comes in a range of vivid colors previously unseen in gliders. Your plastic glider can be left outdoors in any weather and will neither fade nor splinter. It is easy to keep clean with your garden hose. Keep an eye on the metal parts such as bolts and screws and keep them oiled to prevent rust.

The paint brush companies probably won't like us as our recycled plastic poly gliders don't require any refinishing. Think of all the money you will save on supplies and paint or stain.