International Caravan Wrought Iron Rocking Chairs

Rocking Chairs have been a huge part of American culture since the early 1700s What started as the best place to rock a child or comfort a sick patient, soon became a regular commodity used daily across our nation. There is something extremely relaxing and comforting that comes from the gentle back and forth motion that a rocker provides. This is why people now have rocking chairs in their children’s rooms, on their porches and out at their patios. Rocking chairs make a wonderful addition to just about anywhere in or outside your home.
One of the most popular types of Rocking Chairs we sell here at are the International Caravan Wrought Iron Rocking Chairs. In this Buying Guide we are going to break down the 8 styles of Wrought Iron Rockers that International Caravan makes.



The 3 Styles of Wrought Iron Rocking Chairs by International Caravan

  1. Diamond Lattice This rocking chair has its lattice design going diagonally to create a lovely diamond design across the seat back and bottom. We sell two versions of the diamond lattice rocker, one with a sleigh back and one with a straight seat back. The straight back comes in a gorgeous hammered green finish, while the sleigh back comes in a handsome grey finish. The large scroll design on the bottom and the little scrolls under each arm rest, give this rocker a very elegant look, and the sleigh rocker has additional scroll design accents at the back of the seat top. You wouldn’t guess by looking at it, but the International Caravan Diamond Lattice Wrought Iron Rocking Chair is actually one of the most affordable wrought iron rocking chairs we sell!

  2. Square Lattice As the name suggests, this rocker is much like the diamond lattice, but instead this features the classic lattice style creating squares on the seat back and bottom. In this classic lattice style rocker, we have the International Caravan Mandalay and Santa Fe wrought iron rocking chairs. The Mandalay and Santa Fe both come in single and double sizes and the Mandalay also has a third option that includes a foot rest for added comfort. The three Mandalay rockers are made with a black silver antique finish and the Santa Fe rockers are made in a rustic brown finish. Whether you need just 1 rocking chair, a matching set of 2 or a double for a more intimate rocking experience, the Mandalay and Santa Fe will surely have an option that meets your needs at a surprisingly low price.

  3. Non Lattice International Caravan also makes two other rocking chairs in the single size that have a style all of their own. The Tropico wrought iron rocker comes in a solid black finish and has straight thin slats that go up and down the chair, with scroll designs under the seat and at the top of the back rest. It also features curved, extra wide arm rests giving added comfort. The other non-lattice rocker is the Sun Ray. With the most scroll designs of any rocker-eight, and a very artistic design inspired by as the name suggests, the rays of the sun, this chair really is one-of-a-kind. It comes in a lovely hammered bronze finish and a curved seat making it extremely comfortable. Although it looks like a work of art we guarantee, you will enjoy rocking your worries away in the Sun Ray.

  4. Combination Lattice The Milano rocking chair has a combination of diamond and classic lattice wrought iron. In a gorgeous hammered green finish, this rocking chair has a lot of added elegant touches. Featuring two scroll designs under the seat, crisscrossed slatted arm rests, and a crown shaped back rest, this rocking chair is International Caravan’s most decorated lattice wrought iron rocker for sure. Although this rocking chair has the most detail work, it is surprisingly the most affordable! This is the lowest priced wrought iron rocking chair International Caravan makes and that we sell at The great thing about this budget-friendly price, is you can now have money to spare for a perfectly-fitting cushion in whatever color or pattern you like!

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